Thank you for passing by. Feel free to stay as much as you like. Please, make yourself comfortable and let me introduce you into my little online home.

Claudia here, cat-lover, graphic designer, food enthusiast, Italian. Passionate about perfect imperfections, since the age of three. Occasional writer.

Desiring that you’ll be pleased with what you see. Are you? I know, it takes some effort to break the ice but, go on, get in touch! We could make something beautiful together.

Spread the word! The more, the merrier.


Originally trained within a linguistic background,

I became very passionate about design due to my fanatical interest in visual communication and compulsive proofreading.

My special attitudes are largely related to advertising, digital publishing, page layout and vector illustrations. I’m also enthusiast about photography, animations, Flash banners and video editing & UX/UI stuff.

As for my techie soul, I’m set on the creative side of the digital arena, but I’m well aware of cross-browser, cross-platform, page optimisation and design constraints on the web. I sometimes give brand guidance to my clients, as well.

I’m a friendly and easy-going person: I’m a good listener and a quick learner with a flexible and positive approach to life, and an excellent team-player.


I’m a full time, self-employed freelancer: I’ve covered both permanent and contract roles within corporate, no-profit and start-up environments.

I’m always on the hunt for fresh business connections and new exciting and challenging project.


I'm a creative, committed and motivated individual with an attitude to team work. Moreover, people (not just my mum!) reckon I have a very delightful personality. "A well-rounded, - writes a recommendation letter from a person whose opinion I take into account very much - balanced young woman, very sociable, polite, enthusiastic and open to new experiences and ways of thinking".

At the same time, if I am going to be accountable for the final result of a project, I want to be sure it’s done well: I’m tenacious and when I believe in an idea, I can be very persuasive until I’m proved otherwise.

Now I feel it is the time to move into what I really want to do in terms of fulfilling my life and work objectives and dreams, having the opportunity to get better at what I do and experiencing more and more.

Search office space

Mock-up for a search engine website for corporate estate agency

Gas, transport and storage summit

Animated banner for wtgevents - energy sector (range of ads)

sorrento express ltd

E-commerce Wordpress website for importer and distributor of fine Italian food

Spice girls

Concept and mock-up for landing page Student project

domus s.r.l.

Showcase website for furniture showroom in Palermo, Italy

find me health

Concept and mock-up for landing page Student project

on edge

Illustration for MIC magazine (issue yet to be published)

café charmant

Vector illustration with texture and shadows - Student project

investment management performance

Info-graphic for MIC magazine (range of graphics)

hansel and gretel

Original illustration for MIC magazine, spring 2013 issue

o is for ostrich

Personal project - visual aid for learning the alphabet

the elbow room

Cover version of Roya Hamburger’s illustration I made as a student project


Personal project - Illustrator

Personal project

Vector illustration with texture

The dating game

Original illustration for MIC magazine

There’s a bunch of things I can help you, your huge company or your small business with...

I can help you build a website, from scratch or through the most updated CMS...

I can create effective artworks, brochures, flyiers, POS and various marketing materials...

I can draw and create beautiful, original illustration, in a range of styles...

I can give you some advice on your project/business identity and how to choose your logo

I can help you get started with social media channels and build effective guidelines

I can write for you friendly and engaging copy

I can proofread your content or help you reach Italian readers